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This is a surreal village, inhabited by a group of artists who moved here from London, the Mutoids, who became famous for their gigantic sculptures, often animated, made using recycled material.

Marecchia River

Over 35km of pedestrian and cycle paths along the riverbank, scattered with lakes, which are ideal for bird watching.

Villa Verucchio Golf Course

Saint Francis way and his Cypress

The Saint, in 1213, probably passed in front of our B&B (St. Francis way from Rimini to La Verna). During his journey he planted a stick in the ground that he used to walk on and it is now a huge tree that is also the oldest cypress in Italy.


It is possible to receive riding lessons and go on horse-riding excursions in the nearby riding schools: Riminese Riding Center and Small Ranch.


  • Vecchio Campanile
  • Squadrani
  • Pizzeria dal Gobbo
  • Da Gino il Matto (fish)
  • Mulazzani
  • Agriturismo San Paolo
  • Le Calastre
  • Agriturismo il Vigneto
  • Bar Sole
  • Rinaldi