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The natural park of San Bartolo Montain

A 30-minute drive from Villa Anna will get you to this protected area located between Gabicce Mare and Pesaro, which has obtained the recognition of Europarc Federation and has been included in the European Charter for sustainable tourism in protected areas.

The Park is crossed by a panoramic road that houses the ancient villages of Gabicce Monte, Casteldimezzo, Fiorenzuola di Focara, Santa Marina Alta, and the small port of Baia Vallugola.

The overhanging cliff constitutes a particular marine landscape with fossil fish and chalk crystals.

At the foot of the cliffs runs a thin pebble beach, formed by the landslide of the rocks above.

The vegetation of Monte San Bartolo is characterized by woods of oak, hornbeam, brush, and rare species such as maritime flax, cliff rush, and carrot.

The Park is home to many species of birds: falcons (pilgrims, pumas, and swamps), pale albanella (a rare species that comes from Africa to nest in Europe), smergos major, cormorant, grebe, eider, gulls (saffron, gavina, coral, both common and royal), as well as gray herons, egrets, and royal swans.

In the park you can also meet deer, foxes, badgers, porcupines, weasels, and dormice.

Five paths allow you to enjoy spectacular views and reach natural oases.