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Sant’Agata Feltria

About 30 minutes from the Villa dell’Artista there is this splendid ancient village, one of the most characteristic of the Montefeltro, located between the valleys of rivers Savio and Marecchia.

Its origins date back to the pre-Roman period, when ancient tribes of central Italian origin settled here.
It belonged to the Malatesta, Montefeltro, and finally the Lordships of the Fregos, who gave the name to the Rocca of the Xth century.
Under the Fregos, the beautiful old town was enriched with new buildings, such as the Palazzone, which houses one of the oldest theaters in Italy: the Angelo Mariani Theater, with its wooden structure.

I recommend visiting:

  • la Collegiata di Sant’Agata,
  • la Chiesa di San Francesco della Rosa,
  • la Chiesa e il Convento di San Girolamo,
  • la Chiesa e il Convento dei Cappuccini,
  • la Chiesa e il Convento delle Clarisse,
  • il Santuario della Madonna del Soccorso.