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The natural park of Pineta di Classe e della foce del Bevano

Just 35 minutes from the Artist’s Villa, you can reach the Classe Pine Wood to discover the aspect that the Romagna coast had before human intervention.

Twelve hundred hectares of Mediterranean vegetation with clearings and brackish ponds. A point of great interest is the mouth of the Bevano river, which is one of the areas of greatest naturalistic value and offers an almost unique landscape.

Protected behind the Pine Wood, the Bassona Beach, awarded by Legambiente as one of the eleven best resorts on our coast, with its dunes living in continuous remodeling.

I recommend reaching Lido di Classe and from there proceed on foot to discover the Pine Wood and the beach up to the mouth of the river. Alternatively, you can park your car in Lido di Dante, located a little further North, and from there proceed to the mouth of the river and reach the area dedicated to nudism and the gay beach.