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In about 50 minutes by car from the Villa of the Artist you can reach this city considered the “cradle of the
Renaissance” due to its immense historical and artistic wealth which has entered it among the UNESCO heritage.

Urbino - Archivio Città di Urbino Foto di Paolo Mini

The origins of Urbino are very ancient, but it is in the fifteenth century that the city lives its maximum splendor thanks especially to Federico di Montefeltro who attracted in the Duchy the most important artists of the time: Piero della Francesca, Luciano Laurana, Leon Battista Alberti, Francesco di Giorgio Martini, Girolamo Genga, and Giovanni Santi (Raffaello’s father).

Urbino, located between two hills and surrounded by a long city wall, offers an evocative panorama. The majestic Palazzo Ducale (home to the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche with works by Piero della Francesca, Giusto di Gand, Paolo Uccello, and Raphael) is linked to the ducal stables (the Data) by the magnificent helical ramp.

The city also hosts the Carlo Bo, one of the oldest universities in Italy, a famous Academy of Fine Arts and the Institute for Decoration and Book Illustration.

To be seen

  • Chiesa di San Domenico,
  • Mausoleo dei Duchi nella Chiesa di San Bernardino,
  • Palazzo Boghi
  • Palazzo Ducale