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It is recommended to plan a visit to the village on a beautiful clear day to enjoy a breathtaking view.

The town is also known as the “cradle of the Malatesta” because this is where the power of the Malatesta family began with Giovanni della Penna dei Billi (1150-90).

It was a nerve center of the so-called Villanovan civilization (of Etruscan origin) between the ninth and sixth centuries BC Rich findings have been brought to light by the necropolis excavated around the village and exhibited in the Museo Civico Archeologico.

Of medieval structure and rich in historical buildings, Verucchio stretches between two hills once crowned with mighty fortresses, that of the Passerello – on the ruins of which today a convent is located – and that of the Sasso on which the Malatesta Fortress stands, one of the castles best preserved in the area, which dominates the city and the plains.

It is worth noting a Romanesque church from the 10th century AD visible from the outside and the church of the Collegiate Church of San Martino.

In Villa Verucchio there is the Franciscan Convent that tradition wants founded by St. Francis in 1213. In its cloister stands a majestic colossal cypress over twenty-five meters high that is said to have originated from a stick planted by the Saint.


  • la Rocca (romagnolo)
  • Mastin vecchio (romagnolo)
  • la Barcaccia (tavern)
  • Casa Zanni (romagnolo)
  • Locanda abbruzzese (pizza and meat)
  • Osteria di villa (fish)